Mentoring Sessions

I'm regularly contacted by starting psychedelic guides and coaches, who would like to make use of my expertise in setting up their own practice. That's why I started organizing afternoons with mentoring sessions.


These mentoring sessions are intended for coaches/guides and other interested participants who already have some experience in guiding psychedelic journeys. For example as a sitter with friends, during group ceremonies or in harm reduction projects. Solid personal experience with psychedelics is a requirement for attendance. I'm pretty strict about this and in this blog you can read why.


The people who participated in the pilot sessions were all enthusiastic and so was I. Therefore, more mentoring afternoons will certainly follow after my maternity leave (early 2024). Below a few reactions from participants.

Do you aspire to become a psychedelic practitioner and are you looking for advice? A mentoring afternoon might be just the thing for you. Do you want to receive more information? Subscribe to my mailing list or send me a short email with the subject "mentoring session". Although I won't answer mail during my maternity leave, you will be the first to know as soon as I schedule new sessions.