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Are you looking for an experienced guide for your (first) experience with psychedelic truffles?

Do you want to learn how to integrate the insights from your trip into everyday life?

Do you need support in processing a previous (challenging) psychedelic experience?

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I’m an experienced psychedelic guide - based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands - who facilitates private sessions with "magic" (psilocybin) truffles. I support my clients by providing a safe and optimal setting for their experience to unfold, so that they can surrender to the mystery of the psychedelic state of consciousness. A thorough preparation and integration of the psychedelic experience is of utmost importance: to ascertain safety and to maximize the beneficial effects of the experience. Therefore, in my practice I only offer sessions with magic truffles in conjunction with preparatory and follow-up sessions. In the preparation phase, I help clients to formulate their intention. Together we look for suitable frameworks to design the psychedelic session and to integrate the insights into everyday life. In a coaching program of (at least) three meetings I help clients to get the most out of their psychedelic experience.

Why Coaching with Psychedelic Truffles?

People who choose a 1:1 guided psychedelic experience, usually have one or several of the following motivations:


  • To break a (specific) habit

  • To explore psychological themes that are effecting their lives

  • To process certain experiences from their past

  • To find support in dealing with loss and grief

  • To improve relationships, with loved ones or with people in general

  • To feel more connected with people, the immediate environment or with the planet

  • To enhance their creativity or to find renewed inspiration

  • To find an out-of-the-box solution for a specific problem

  • To explore spiritual themes

  • To prevent a burn-out

  • To quit smoking

  • To invest in personal growth in general


Usually people have several reasons for committing to psychedelic coaching. This list is by no means exhaustive.

An overview of my services


Safety is paramount in my practice. Psychedelics are powerful tools that can cause many positive changes. However, as is the case for countless other tools: their use is not entirely without risk. These risks can be minimized by using such tools carefully and responsibly.


Responsible use of psychedelic truffles in my practice

entails that I:


  • Only facilitate psychedelic sessions for healthy participants, who sign a contract declaring that no contraindications are applicable to their situation

  • Do not market my services as therapy

  • Am honest about what I can and cannot offer as a coach

  • Put emphasis on a thorough preparation and integration of the psychedelic experience

  • Only offer guided psychedelic sessions in conjunction with a preparatory and a follow-up phase

  • Ascertain a safe setting for the truffle experience, in which all emotions are welcome to be felt and expressed

Who is Door of Perception?

Trust in me as a coach is an important ingredient of the safe setting. Do you want to explore if we are match? I offer free orientation meetings, in-person or online, so that you can get to know me a little bit before deciding on anything. To give you a head start, here’s a small introduction of me.


Dorien / Door (of Perception) in bullet-points:


  • More than twenty years experience with and passionate about psychedelics

  • A lot of experience with guiding trips in a variety of contexts

  • Skilled in helping people move through challenging psychedelic experiences

  • Academic background in Medical Anthropology (subtopic of Cultural Anthropology)

  • Up-to-date about scientific developments in psychedelics research

  • Years of hands-on experience as a counsellor in mental healthcare

  • Compassionate and sincere


In addition to psychedelic coach I’m also a mother, writer, consciousness explorer, anthropologist, meditation practitioner, music lover, nature admirer, art-house cinema fan, world citizen and idealist.

Others about me

"Dorien prepared me for the journey really well: by being realistic about what to expect and by explaining a lot about the practicalities of the experience. The information she gave me was really clear and not too "woo-woo" or "granola", which is something I can’t stand. She listened to my story and kept on checking in with me to see what resonated with me. I liked that I could share anything with her, also the aspects of the psychedelic experience that I was afraid of. Thanks to the good preparation I felt so much trust that I could really let go and surrender to the trip."

"I had an intensely beautiful and visual trip. Afterwards I was so filled with all the beautiful things I had seen. The week after the experience, I was overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions. That's why I was very grateful for the follow-up session, in which we discussed all that had happened to me during my psychedelic experience and how I could integrate it into my life. I can only say that Dorien is a very good guide and that I experienced her service as a beautiful gift."


"I can't recommend the professionality of Door enough. Such experience, heart and wisdom is impossible to find elsewhere. A solid scientific background meets incredible breakthrough psychedelic coaching."

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