Door of Perception

Door of Perception 

psychedelic guide & consultant

As an experienced psychedelic guide, I create an optimal setting for people who want to use legal psilocybin truffles under supervision. For example, because they want to be more in touch with themselves and their feelings, because they want to experience more connection with others or with their environment, want to break certain patterns or are looking for meaning or depth in their lives. In a counseling programme of at least three meetings, I help them get the most out of a psychedelic experience. In addition, I offer consultations to mental healthcare practitioners who have professional questions about psychedelics and I also guide practitioners who want to make such a special inner journey themselves. In 2023, I will start training future psychedelic guides in a small-scale and personal mentoring programme.


Psychedelic experiences can give us a different perspective on those issues that we feel stuck in, by briefly taking us out of the dominant 'thinking mode' and immersing us in the 'feeling mode.' Most people are quite nervous before embarking upon a psychedelic journey. I know what someone needs in order to surrender completely to the mystery of the psychedelic state of consciousness - and to unearth useful treasures from it for everyday life. With me, you are safe and in good hands.

Who is Door of Perception?

Trust in me as a facilitator is an important ingredient of the safe setting for the truffle session. You are welcome to join me for an informal chat and a cup of tea in my practice in Amsterdam, before you decide whether I'm the right guide for you. If distance is an issue, we can of course also meet online in a video-call. To give you a small impression of who I am, an introduction in bullet-points:

My credentials

  • Almost 25 years of personal experience with, and an equally long passion for psychedelics

  • I've been working with psychedelics professionally for 20 years, in different functions (education, board, chairwoman, organizer of conferences, harm reduction)

  • I'm the founder of the OPEN Foundation - in the 15 years that I was part of the board I built a substantial network in the field of psychedelic research and therapy and of course, also gained a lot of knowledge in this field. (Read my goodbye letter to OPEN here)

  • More than 10 years experience with guiding psychedelic experiences, in different contexts.

  • Skilled at working with challenging psychedelic experiences, thanks to extensive experience in harm reduction at festivals (Kosmicare at Boom Festival, Zendo at Burning Man & Psycare at Psyfi Festival)

  • Academic background in Medical Anthropology (Master of Science, cum laude)

  • A decade of hands-on experience as a counselor in mental healthcare (on psychiatric wards and in assisted living projects)

  • I've been working in my own practice, as Door of Perception, since 2019

My Trademarks


  • Small-scale practice: nothing but my personal attention throughout the whole process (preparation, journey & integration)

  • Emphasis on preparation and safety

  • Praised by clients for the beautiful and supportive music during sessions

  • Clients appreciate and feel supported by my specially designed meditations and other self-written preparation material

  • Self employed and independent professional with a large network in the field of psychedelic science and therapy

My Style


  • Compassionate - I can be attentively present with someone else's grief and suffering, as well as with their joy and wonder

  • Honest and realistic - I'm honest and open about what I can and cannot offer

  • Gentle - I don't believe in forcefully breaking through and I respect all layers of the psyche, including 'the ego' and any defense mechanisms

  • Hands-off – I believe in and work with my clients' own strength and their innate healing mechanisms

  • Down to earth – not woo-woo or airy-fairy, but open-minded in a grounded way

  • Culturally sensitive – I respect and work with my clients' world view and do not impose my own

Besides being a psychedelic guide and consultant, I am also a mother, wife, writer, consciousness researcher, medical anthropologist, meditation practitioner, music lover, nature admirer, arthouse film fan, sci-fi lover, world citizen and idealist.

Others about me

My truffle session with Dorien was life-changing. After more than six months spent in an indecisive, lethargic state, I was able to close a chapter in my life. Dorien gives you the space and safety to let your experience fully unfold. She is fully present with unconditional, loving attention. In addition, she is very grounded and down-to-earth, qualities that do not come naturally in this field of work. I have already referred several friends to her for good reason. (V.B. 29 years old)

If you are looking for a safe and supported psychedelic experience, I would totally recommend Dorien to guide you. She was really transparent about what to expect and helped me make a realistic planning for when the journey should take place. I wanted to rush it, but she advised me to take a step back and make sure that I had the right support system in place to build up to the experience and to help me afterwards. For me the experience was greatly impactful; I felt Dorien had set the right conditions for me to “Trust and Let Go”. The experience opened a new dimension into my being and I was able to regain the ability to appreciate what life is worth living for. (Mary, 29 jaar)

Dorien prepared me well for the trip by being very realistic and explaining the practicalities well. It was very clear to me and not too woo-woo, something I'm a bit allergic to. She also listened well to my story and always checked what felt right for me. What I liked is that I could discuss everything beforehand. Even my doubts and what I was afraid of. Because of the good preparation I felt so much confidence that I could really let go during my trip. I had an incredibly beautiful and visual trip. Afterwards, I was full of all the beautiful things I had seen. However, the following week I was also overwhelmed by all kinds of emotions. That's why I was really happy that I could discuss afterwards with Dorien all the things that had happened during my psychedelic experience and how I could integrate it into my life. (Zaida, 36 years old)

Paarskleurige nevel

Dorien is a professional at heart. From A to Z, she guided me through her journey as a psychedelic coach. She helped me in a life-changing transition. By preparing me very well for the session, putting me at ease and guiding me through the process in a very knowledgeable way, I can resume my career and private life with renewed strength and insight. As far as I am concerned, her sessions should be included in the health insurance fund. A process that every self-respecting person should go through at least once in his/her life. (DH, 40 years)

I experienced Dorien as a very pleasant guide during my truffle trip, both in preparation and on the day itself. She is committed, experienced and understanding. Not too present, not too absent. I look back on this special and inspirational experience with a good feeling and would, without a doubt, recommend others to go on this adventure with Dorien! (MH)

I experiences a very beautiful truffle trip under Door's guidance. Even after a few months, I still experience the after-effects of the special experience and the valuable insights I gained. The strength of the experience lies not only in the personal guidance, but also in the entire preparation for the truffle trip. The Inspiration exercises helped me get my intention clear. With this, I was able to increase my influence on the process and get even more out of it. The meditation before the truffle journey was very helpful to let go of everything else for a while and be completely ready to get into the experience. All in all, I found it a very impressive experience that still gives me joy in daily life so far. (ME)

I found the music so helpful and would not have been able to find that music on my own. I found your guidance very essential in my process. Not only through the preparatory talks, the inspiration assignments, the meditation and your physical support, but also through your choice of music and sensing when to insert my music into the process. That is truly a gift. (ME)

When I started looking for someone to guide me through a truffle session, two things were very important: first, I wanted to feel safe to surrender to the experience and, in addition, I wanted a facilitator with two feet on the ground. In Dorien, I found this combination. The result was a truffle session in which I could be completely open and relaxed.

Surrendering to an experience requires trust. This trust was strengthened by, for example, the homework you can do before the session. This starts the journey even before you have taken the truffles. The process is already set in motion. The questions make you think very consciously about who you are and where you stand. The guided meditation allowed me to start the journey relaxed. Everything I had worried about along the way slid into the background. I could effortlessly let myself be carried away by the flow and experience it with curiosity. (Marijn, 50 years old)


Why all these pictures of space? Because both the universe and the psychedelic state of consciousness are so awe inspiring. Although thanks to science we know more and more about these vast regions of outer and inner space, that knowledge does not take away the mystery. A sense of deep wonder remains. Just as the telescope gives us a different perspective on space, a psychedelic experience gives us a different perspective on our psyche and ourselves.

Door of Perception | Psychedelic Guide & Consultant

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