Contraindications for psilocybin truffles

As I am neither a medical doctor nor a psychotherapist, I cannot offer suitable guidance or follow-up for individuals with underlying psychiatric or somatic issues.


Individuals with certain conditions may still be eligible for a psychedelic session. However, this would only be possible in collaboration and under the supervision of a registered healthcare professional (BIG registered practitioner).

Regrettably, I'm unable to provide guidance if any of the following circumstances apply:


  • Use of antidepressants

  • Use of antipsychotics

  • A diagnosed psychiatric condition*

  • History of psychosis or dissociation, either personally or in the family

  • Family member with schizophrenia

  • History of epileptic seizures

  • High blood pressure or hypertension

  • History of cardiovascular disease

  • During pregnancy or while breastfeeding