Unlock the Potential of Psychedelics

safely navigate your own psychedelic journey at home

FAQ: Can I make a psychedelic journey at home?

Yes, you can!

While 1-on-1 truffle sessions and group retreats certainly have their merits, I strongly believe that psychedelics can also be effectively used outside those contexts. Provided that you are healthy and that no contraindications apply to you. With a proper preparation and a carefully designed setting, you can safely and responsibly undertake a journey at home.

My online DIY course demonstrates how to safely craft your own psychedelic journey at home, utilizing tools from my private practice. It is fueled by my passion to introduce others to the magical world of psychedelics in a safe and responsible way.


FAQ: How does this differ from a guided session in your practice?

First of all:

The DIY course is designed for low to moderate dosages. Especially for beginners, higher doses are only safe and responsible with professional guidance.

🤿 You can compare it to the difference between snorkeling and scuba diving. For both activities, you enter the water and you can see and experience some of the same things. But with scuba diving you go deeper, which entails more risks and thus requires proper guidance.

A second important difference:

If you come to my practice for a guided journey, I will take the entire practical organization out of your hands. This makes it a fully catered experience. This entails a significant number of working hours on my part. which is refected in the cost.

💶 The investment for the DIY course is about 1/10 of the investment for a guided 1-on-1 session with magic truffles in my practice.

FAQ: Who is this course intended for?

In terms of experience level, this course is suitable for:

  • Complete beginners, who already have an interest in psychedelics but have no prior experience with them.
  • "Travelers" who have some experience - eg in recreational settings - and are looking to explore ways to make their journeys more meaningful or impactful.

In terms of safety, this course is only suitable for:

Healthy participants without any mental health issues, who wish to use psychedelics for personal growth, out of curiosity or for exploration of spiritual themes.

In terms of cultural/religious background, this course is suitable for:

Anybody, regardless of their worldview, religion or cultural background. The course is written to be as accessible as possible, hoping to make everyone feel at home, whether you consider yourself spiritual, religious or atheist.

FAQ: How much time will it take to complete this roadmap?

You can follow this roadmap at your own pace and take as long as you need to walk through it. It's recommended to take at least a month in preparing for your journey. This will give you enough time to process all the information, and also to do all the assignments. But you can also spend a longer or shorter amount of time. When you buy this course, you'll get direct access to its entire content.

FAQ: What does the course include?

The course consists of a step-by-step Roadmap - in the form of 9 lessons and assignments - and a Toolkit.


Lesson 1: The basics | set & setting | safety

Lesson 2: Optimal setting: tripsitter | date & location

Lesson 3: Optimal set: intention

Lesson 4: Optimal setting: overall plan & symbols

Lesson 5: Optimal setting: music

Lesson 6: Optimal Set: Surrender

Lesson 7: Optimal setting: practical

Lesson 8: The day(s) before departure: final check

Lesson 9: The day(s) after your trip: integration tips


5 Preparation meditations with exercises (total +/- 30 minutes)

1 Take-off meditation (+/- 20 minutes)

1 Landing meditation (+/- 15 minutes)

1 Meditation for during a difficult moment (+/- 25 minutes)

1 Travel Essentials Checklist

1 Checklist Discuss with tripsitter

1 Checklist Day before departure

List of 75 suitable albums & Spotify links

Instructions & tips for the tripsitter (10 pages)

5 Intention assignments (in lesson 3)

6 Integration assignments (in lesson 9)

The majority of the lessons consist of text, which you can read in the course environment. The course player is responsive: easy to read on mobile or tablet. The course includes a few videos with supportive words from your long-distance guide.

Terms, Conditions & Risk factors

  • You may only participate in this course if you are aged 18 years or older and if no risk factors apply to your situation. See the list below, under "risk factors".
  • This course is designed for home use of legal psychedelics in low to moderate dosages.
  • This course is based on the presence of a tripsitter: a partner, friend or family member who will be present and sober for the duration of your journey. The second step in this roadmap offers detailed information and advice about finding a suitable person for this job, and the Toolkit contains instructions for your tripsitter.
  • Taking this course is at the participant's own risk. Door of Perception is not responsible for the outcome of the course participant's psychedelic experience and accepts no liability for any damage (material, psychological or somatic) that may occur during or after taking this course.

 If any of the following situations apply to you, unfortunately this course is not suitable for you (at the moment).

    • I am pregnant or breastfeeding
    • I have had a psychosis at one time in my life or have been diagnosed with schizophrenia
    • Someone in my close family suffers from schizophrenia or a psychotic vulnerability
    • I am taking antidepressants/ssri's
    • I suffer from panic attacks
    • I have an anxiety disorder
    • I have a dissociative disorder
    • I have a personality disorder
    • I have bipolar disorder
    • I have severe or treatment resistant depression
    • I have a substance use disorder
    • I have an unprocessed trauma
    • I suffer from PTSD
    • I have (had) epilepsy or epileptic seizures
    • I have high blood pressure or another cardiovascular disease
    • I've had a recent head injury
    • I have recently undergone a major surgery
    • I am receiving treatment from a mental health professional >> In most cases, this is an exclusion factor. Consult with your treating specialist first!
    • I take medication>>first check with your (family) doctor or specialist if this medication may have an interaction with psychedelics